Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your products?

You can buy your Aussie cotton tampons on our website.


Where is the cotton grown?

Goondiwindi QLD

We source our raw materials from a family owned & operated cotton farm located right here in QLD.


Are your tampons Australian made?

Short answer- No. The cost of purchasing the machines needed is the main issue. 

Down Under Cotton is proudly Australian Grown & Owned. To be Australian made is our goal. 

In 2017 we visited a company in Zurich Switzerland who are the only manufacturers of tampon machines in the world. Cost is $2mil for the machine alone. Full set up would cost approx. $4mil. 

Not the kind of money most people have when starting a business. 

In the meantime we have put in place a fully traceable production line that follows our Aussie cotton using the bale identification number which travels with the cotton from paddock to product! 

Together with your support Down Under Cotton is another step closer to becoming the first cotton tampon that is Australian grown, made & owned. 


Want to range Down Under Cotton in your store?

Please email us at