Our story

G'day my name is Kim, owner and founder of Down Under Cotton. I’m very passionate about Australian grown and supporting Aussie farmers, in particular within the cotton industry. 

Back in 2015 I was watching tv and a tampon ad appeared. A girl wearing white shorts, dancing, happy.. carefree! 

As a female I couldn’t relate to this type of advertising and turns out I was not alone. Why didn’t any tampon brand talk about THE BLOODY TRUTH?

Here my journey began, researching, questioning everything about this unspoken yet re-occurring event of a woman’s life. 

Did you know that most tampons are made with a synthetic fibre. After finding this out, I was on a mission to find not only a more sustainable but healthier solution.

This is when I decided I wanted to learn more about the way this natural fibre is grown and meet the people behind the Australian cotton industry.
I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to visit a cotton farm and speak with the farmers direct.
I drove 4hrs out west and spent the weekend on a family owned & operated cotton farm run by father and son, learning about the way cotton is grown here in Australia.

I have made many more visits to cotton farms since, discussed tampons with the guys at the CSIRO and also attended the Australian cotton conference where I got to meet a lot of our Aussie Farmers. 

I learned that Australia along with Egypt produce the highest quality of cotton in the world! Why not support our own farmers and produce a product fully traceable from paddock to product? This was the key reason why I decided to make our tampons out of 100% Australian Grown Cotton.

Today I can proudly announce that working together with Aussie Farmers we have developed Australia’s FIRST home grown cotton tampon. 

Using Australian grown cotton means we -

  • Use high quality natural fibres 
  • Support Aussie Farmers
  • Have full traceability from paddock to product
  • Get to know our local farmers
  • Source our raw materials from family owned and operated farms. 
  • Provide an alternative solution to shop local